Not Your Dad’s Cannabis – Weed Strains (Best Guide Online)

Not Your Dad’s Cannabis – Weed Strains (Best Guide Online)

Unless you’re an aficionado that is true-blue a person who frequents cannabis clubs, you will soon be stumped whenever offered the numerous weed strains available.

You will find presently tens and thousands of weed strains to pick from. Involving thebombastically names that are weirdHog’s Breath or Super Skunk, anybody?); the fantastic, almost-miraculous claims that are medical as well as the shady connotations by some, it could be extremely tough to navigate the maze to find dependable information.

That’s why we arrived up using this guide. It is the ultimate supply to allow you to better understand the different weed strains on the market. You’ll explore the after topics in this essay:

Principal types of strains

How to pick the right strains for your

Most popular strains